Years One to Six follow a thematic approach to learning based around one key text each term.  Throughout the term children get to know the text, using it as a basis for their learning in English and through exploring cross-curricular themes linked to the context of the book.  In the Autumn Term we have a whole school focus on geography; in the Spring term the focus is around History and in the Summer term the Arts. 

We run a dedicated Science week once per term where each class is fully immersed in their Science learning increasing their depth of understanding.  PE is timetabled weekly and each class also engages in ‘The Daily Mile’ using our fabulous all weather trail.  Computing and Design Technology are integrated into our Story Topic theme and a similar approach is taken for Music.  Spanish is taught in Years 3 to 5 by our specialist Spanish Teacher.  RE is taught through the year with a topic for each term.  

Our ‘Life Skills’ PSHE curriculum forms the basis of the first day back of each half term, launching the theme for that half term, which is then revisitied each Monday in assembly and during the week in class time.  We have recently introduced Philosophy for Children in Year 2 upwards (with plans for lower down the school later this year) we feel this approach to learning will be hugely beneficial in developing our children’s thinking, vocabulary, speaking and listening and understanding of the views of others.

You can find an overview of your child’s learning this term through the year group links below.