The Challenge Room

Here you will find a range of challenges for you to complete and challenge yourself to complete something that you haven’t before and be part of something special,

Explore this page for the range of challenges that will be updated regularly. Here you will also find and see different people competing in these challenges to give you different people to challenge against.


The Mountain Climbing Challenge

This is a fun and exciting challenge that you can complete in your own home.

The Challenge

  • Climb the stairs in your house (average 15 steps) as many times as you can within one day
  • Record the daily amount of flights that you complete
  • Challenge yourself to climb what would be the same as some of the most famous mountains and buildings around the world
  • Also keep an eye on the teachers flights and challenge yourself to beat the teachers who are also completing this challenge
  • Full information of the challenge and the amount of flights needed to achieve the same as the mountains and buildings is below

The Leaderboard

1st –  Mr Plant 1125 Flights (Ben Nevis)

2nd – Miss Toft 265 Flights (CN Tower)

3rd –

The Contenders
Mr Plant –  75 Flights (Blackpool Tower)

Miss Toft – 50 Flights (Forth Rail Bridge)

The Mountain Climbing Challenge

Click Here for the full details of the challenge and how you can record and calculate your daily and weekly flights