Our School Day

Nursery: 8.45am – 3.10pm

Reception, Year One, Year Two, Year Three: 8.40am-3.15pm

Year Four, Year Five, Year Six: 8.40am – 3.20pm

Start of the Day

Our school gate (situated off the car park) opens at 8.40am for all children in Reception to Year Six, they enter their classes using either cloakroom or classroom doors at the rear of the building.  Nursery is accessed through the separate Nursery Gate (at the front of the building) which opens at 8.45am.  Gates remain open for ten minutes to allow a ‘freeflow’ start to the day and for parents and carers to pass on any important messages before the beginning of class.  All children are expected to be in school to start the day formally at 8.50am for registration, children arriving at our school after 8.50am will need to do so through the main office doors so that their late arrival and reason for lateness can be recorded.  Should you wish your child to be dropped off at school earlier than 8.40am, there is a Breakfast Club open from 7.45am (please see our Breakfast Club section for more details on this).

End of the Day

At the end of the school day children should be collected promptly from the same door they entered at the start of the day, if someone else other than those listed on a child’s emergency contact form will be collecting your child, please let the school office know.  We do permit children in Year Six to walk home on their own with parental permission.  A form is issued at the start of each academic year on which you should indicate whether your child will be picked up or should walk home alone.  If for any reason you are delayed in picking up your child, please let the School Office know.  Where parents/carers are more than ten minutes late in collecting their child then please go to the School Office to collect so that reasons for late pick-up can be recorded.