Learning in our Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage comprises of our 52 place Nursery and two reception classes.  Children learn through a thematic approach to the curriculum, with a topic chosen each half-term which will engage each child to explore and develop new skills and knowledge.

Our EYFS Curriculum Goals

We developed our curriculum goals to capture key learning we would like each of our children to reach by the time they leave our Foundation Stage. 

In 2021 the curriculum used by all EYFS settings was updated and in line with this we have produced our ‘Summerbank Foundations’ which capture the expected learning in each of the seven areas, for children at different stages:

  • Pre Foundation (Pre-Nursery)
  • Foundation One (Nursery)
  • Foundation Two (Reception) which feeds into the achievement of the Early Learning Goal

The statements in our Summerbank Foundations are then used to plan out ‘Expected Learning for each half term’.  To ensure that children’s learning is embedded, practitioners review at the end of a half term and move any statements requiring further development into the next half term’s planning.

Story Topic Unit Plans are developed by teachers contextualising the Expected Learning by identifying specific opportunities linked to the book.  These are completed before the beginning of each half term, then added to through the term if necessary.  Click on the link below each book to see our plans.

Nursery Story Topic Plans

Reception Story Topic Plans