The Discovery Room

Parents and Carers

Below there are a range of investigations and exciting ideas for your children explore. These are a range of scientific investigations which will allow the children to think how they work scientifically and how they can discover the reason why things happen as they do.

It is really important that your children ask questions and think about the reasons and ideas behind what they are doing. Encourage them to use the vocabulary and ideas to explore and think.

Below are a range of links with access to a wide range of investigations that will allow you to discover a wide range of knowledge. Support and supervise the children as needed throughout these discoveries.


Below is a world of exciting knowledge for you to discover. You have access to an engaging and exciting range of investigations for you to explore, complete and understand the world around you.

Ask questions, use your scientific knowledge and vocabulary from within your lessons at school and have fun discovering some of the most exciting happenings within the world around you.

Get yourself ready and click on the links below to begin your discovery adventure. Ensure you ask for adult supervision where it is needed.

Good Luck Explorers!

Science at Work

Science at Work consists of weekly activity sheets about scientists and people who work in a science-related job. Children are encouraged to send in their questions to the scientist who will answer as many as they can in a video released the following week. 

Key things you need to do to take part

Every Tuesday we will release an activity sheet – these can be downloaded from this page

Send your questions in and they could answered and featured in the weekly video  

Submit your work and drawings to the website and your work could feature on the weekly video

The Science Museum Group

Click here to explore a rnage of exciting investigations, experiments and creative ideas that you can complete at home to make a number of great discoveries within the comfort of your own home

Science with Maddie Moate

Daily exciting sessions based around different exciting themes at 11am but previous sessions can be re watched and caught up on in the following days.


Click below to discover the science behind why the process of dissolving happens

Fireworks in a Glass

Click below to explore in a very safe way how the different colours appear within a firework – there is no real fire or explosions!

Fun with Density

Click below to investiage what is meant by density and how it changes

Lava Lamp

Click below to explore the science behind a lava lamps with a chance to create your own

Blowing up Balloons

Click below to discover how gas can be used to blow up ballooons without needing to be blown up as you would expect

Floating Egg Experiment

Click below to invetigate how you can make an egg float in water, where usually it would sink to the bottom

Making Fizzy Lemonade

Click below to understand what makes the lemonade fizzy

Quick Sand

Click below to understand how quick sand works based on the compounds that it is made of