Science at Summerbank

Our Curriculum Intent

Science is about exploring and discovering the world.  Children engage in exciting, practical, hands on experiences which encourages their natural curiosity and develops their ability to question, investigate, work scientifically and learn. These opportunities will ensure that our children become confident, life-long learners, who are well-equipped to explore the world around them.

Our children will achieve this through a combination of:

  • working scientifically
  • a question-based curriculum
  • spiral coverage of scientific concepts and skills

Mapping of Content

We use the National Curriculum as the basis of our planning, which defines the content (knowledge and skills) of what we teach. An adaptive teaching approach is used to meet the needs of our children.

Science is taught in 3 science weeks across the year.  Long-term planning consists of 3 units over the course of the year. Teachers use the medium-term planning along with adaptations which are linked to pre-assessments, to ensure children have the opportunity to develop their understanding of science.

A Curriculum for Summerbank

To support children in knowing more and remembering more, our science curriculum draws upon a number of our Curriculum Drivers.  The medium-term planning links science-rich texts (fiction and non-fiction) that can be used as part of our ‘Shared Reading’. Vocabulary is also linked between units and across year groups to enable progression of vocabulary. Children’s knowledge of the world is expanded upon through opportunities for outdoor learning and experiences.

Science Topic Overview

Science Medium Term Planning

Science Year Group Milestones