Phonics at Summerbank

At Summerbank Primary Academy, we love reading. We strive to ensure that all children become successful and fluent readers by the end of Key Stage 1. We believe this is achievable through a combination of strong, high quality, discrete phonics teaching combined with a literature-rich approach that promotes a ‘love of reading’. We aim for all of the children at Summerbank to leave school at the end of Key Stage 2 with a genuine passion for reading and to have obtained all of the skills they need to tackle any book of their choosing.


By teaching Phonics, we aim:

To establish consistent practice, progression and continuity in the teaching and learning of phonics throughout the school with a focus on quality first teaching.

  • To ensure that systematic synthetic phonics is the first approach pupils use to help with their reading and spelling.
  • To have robust assessment procedures to check progress and identify pupils in need of intervention.
  • For pupils to apply their phonic knowledge in their reading and writing across the whole curriculum.
  • For pupils to develop a love of reading and enjoy reading for pleasure, confidently across a range of genres.
Policies & Supporting Documents