At Summerbank Primary Academy we all contribute to making our school community an exciting, happy and safe place to learn and grow.  

There are also roles that we select children for that recognise their contribution and also provide an opportunity to develop their own skills beyond the classroom.


Head Boy & Head Girl

Our Head Boy and Head Girl are appointed when in year Six as role models for our school community.  They set high standards for themselves and for those around them.  Through their role they support our community both in school and beyond as representatives of the school population.  Duties include managing the Prefects and ensuring that all duties are carried out correctly; representing the school at  events. The Head Boy and Girl are key to all major events that the school is involved in such as Parents Evening and Open mornings, taking parents and pupils on tours of the school and generally welcoming visitors to the school. As ambassadors for the school, the Head Boy and Girl ensure that the views of all pupils are represented and listened to.

Deputy Head Boy & Deputy Head Girl

These roles are awarded to children in Year 6 and are focused on supporting the Head Boy and Girl in their duties, contributing assistance and leadership of the rest of the Prefects.  In the absence of the Head Boy or Girl they are expected to ‘step up’ into these roles and provide support to the school as a whole.


Our Prefects are selected from Year 6 following an application process and act as role models for the school as positive and enthusiatic members of our community.  They encourage and motivate fellow students, observe the school rules at all times and are punctual  in carrying out their duties.  Duties include supporting the organisation of the school, providing assistance at school events, welcoming visitors to the school and supporting others.

RUG Representatives

The Really Useful Generation Students’ Group (RUGS)  is the name for our MAT Student Council.    Its membership is (usually) a boy and a girl from each of the academies within the Trust elected by their own student communities.  Their term of office is a maximum of 2 years.  Members of the RUGS are also ambassadors for the Trust.  The Group meets at least once every term and is chaired by the CEO.

School Council

Our School Council is made up of representatives from each class.  Children are chosen by their classmates to sit on our School Council to ensure that we hear the views of children from throughout the school.  They contribute to decision making (for example selecting the school lunch menu); organise fund raising for charity (for example Children in Need Day) and whole school events such as World Book Day.

Language Ambassadors

Our school is fortunate to have a diverse community, welcoming children into school with many different first languages (currently 28 and counting).  Our Language Ambassadors are appointed from across the school and act as amabassadors for their language.  They have a responsibility for supporting others with a shared first language (both academically and pastorally), work to raise the profile of their language and organise social events to enable children to continue to develop their first language alongside English.

Sports Captains

Sports Captains are selected both for their sporting skills and their ability to act as role models for sporting behaviour.  They captain school teams and support the PE Leader in arranging tournaments and clubs.

Sports Leaders

Our Sports Leaders are role models for the school community, offering encouragement and demonstrating skills of teamwork and sportsmanship.  As well as representing the school, they also coordinate in school activities such as playground games and lunchtime clubs.


Our Librarians are essential to the successful running of our school library.  They support children in selecting books, ensure that the library is well cared for and take on many of the tasks necessary to ensure everyone can access the library easily.


Our Monitors provide support to the School Office, ensuring the efficient running of the school through distributing registers, letters and equipment.