School Performance

 The overall performance of a school is based on how well children achieve (in progress and attainment) at the end of their schooling.

The KS2 SATs papers are National tests taken by children at the end of Year 6 (when they are 10-11 years old) by all children in England. These tests are in Reading, Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar and Mathematics.  Children’s writing is assessed through Teacher Assessment based on a range of the work they complete during their final year at primary school.

We are always very proud of all our pupils who, when taking their tests always demonstrate huge amounts of commitment and maturity and try their very best during test week.  SATs results do provide helpful information on how your child is progressing in the core subjects, however they do not assess everything that a child is capable of and they are not a measure of what makes each child special and unique.

School Results 2019 – 2020: Attainment

School results are not available for the academic year 2019-2020 due to a decision made at national level to cancel testing in primary schools in the Summer Term 2020.  To support Y6 children in their transfer to high school, Class Teachers met with virtually with high school staff to share teacher assessment data.

Headline School Results 2018 – 2019: Attainment

In the past children were given ‘levels’ to demonstrate their attainment, this is nolonger the case.  Now a score of 100 or more indicates they are reaching the expected standard, 110 or above they are exceeding the standard, 99 of less means they are below the expected standard.


Percentage of children meeting the expected standard Percentage of children meeting the higher standard Average scaled point score
Reading 77% (National Average 73%) 40% (National Average 27%)


(Nat Average 104.4)

Writing 73% (National Average 78%) 6% (National Average 20%) Not applicable
Mathematics 85% (National Average 79%) 33% (National Average 27%)


(Nat Average 105)


Combined (meeting the standard in R, W & M) 67% (National Average 65%) 6% (National Average 11%) Not applicable
Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar 75% (National Average 78%) 33% (National Average 36%)


(Nat Average 106.3)




Headline School Results 2018 – 2019: Progress




Progress scores reflect how much progress children have made from their KS1 SATs to their KS2 SATs.  The School’s progress scores are calculated by finding the progress made by each pupil in each subject, then averaged to find the overall progress of the year group. These scores give an indication of whether, as a group, pupils in the school made above or below average progress in a subject compared with pupils with similar starting points in other schools.








Reading Writing Mathematics
Well above average (about 10% of schools in England) +6.77 +6.79
Above average (about 10% of schools in England)
Average (about 60% of schools in England) +1.34
Below average (about 10% of schools in England)
Well below average (about 10% of schools in England)




School Performance Tables




To compare schools/academies performance you can access the site which provides more detailed information on the overall academy.  Since Summerbank Academy came into existence on 1st September 2017, then you may wish to explore the data on the pre-existing Summerbank Primary School which can be found using the same link.