The Numbers Room

Parents and Carers

Below there are a range of exciting ideas for your children explore. These are a range of mathematical activities which will allow the children to think how they reason with numbers and ideas how they can apply a range of thinking to solve and apply these mathematical ideas. `

It is really important that your children ask questions and think about the reasons and ideas behind what they are doing. Encourage them to use the vocabulary and ideas to explore and think.

Below are a range of links with access to a wide range of maths that will allow you to discover a wide range of knowledge. 


Below is a world of exciting mathematical discoveries to be made. You have access to an engaging and exciting range of activities for you to explore, complete and understand the world around you.

Ask questions, use your mathematical knowledge and vocabulary from within your lessons at school and have fun discovering and solving some of the most exciting maths around you.

Get yourself ready and click on the links below to begin your discovery adventure. There are games, activities, ideas and projects below for you to work and develop your number skills on.

Carol Voderman Maths Challenges

Click here to explore a range of exciting challenges for all ages. This will allow you to explore and apply all of that number knowledge that you have

Daily Maths Challenges

Gareth Metcalfe is doing daily video challenges for Y3/4 and Y5/6. Click here to challenge yourself

Maths Activities

Here there are a range of maths activities ranging from arithmetic, reasoning and projects. Improve your times table and arithmetic speed and apply this to some problem solving

Maths Beat the Nation

Here there is access to videos that allow you to solve and discuss the answers as well as looking at methods for how it could have been solved. 

Maths Lessons and Activities

Here there are a range of lessons aimed at all year year groups. There are videos for the lessons and work that goes with each lesson to be completed

Maths Games

There are a range of maths games for all ages to be played here.