Our School Uniform

Wearing our Summerbank uniform is an important part of school life and helps children to feel part of our community and feel a sense of belonging.  We take pride in our school and we expect parents to make sure that children are wearing the correct uniform each day.

All items can be purchased from:

Supersport Tunstall School Uniform Shop

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Main Uniform

The expected uniform for our children is:

  • Grey or black skirt/trousers/pinafore dress/knee length shorts
  • Green Summerbank Academy sweatshirt or cardigan
  • White polo shirt
  • Checked green and white dress (summer)
  • White, black or grey socks
  • Plain black school shoes (not trainers)
  • Grey or green or black or white shalwar kameez
  • Green or black plain head scarf (for girls wishing to cover their hair for religious reasons)

PE Kit

Children in Years One to Six should come to school in their PE kit on the days when they are having PE.  Our PE kit is made up of:

  • Green school T-shirt
  • Black shorts/leggings
  • Pumps for indoor lessons and appropriate trainers for outdoor lessons
  • Tracksuit or similar for outdoor games in cold weather

Swimming Kit

Children in Years Three to Five have a term of swimming lessons each academic year.  All children are expected to take part in swimming lessons as they form an important part of the curriculum and represent a skill for life.  Therefore children will need the following (in a waterproof bag):

  • Swimming costume or trunks (baggy shorts are not permitted)
  • Long hair should be tied back and all children will need a swimming cap
  • Towel

Should parents prefer their child to keep their body covered when swimming, they may also wear a tight fitting long sleeved T-shirt and leggings underneath their costume.


Wet and Cold Weather

Outdoor play and learning are a really important part of school life, therefore please make sure your child has appropriate clothing for the weather.  If children walk to school in wellies or trainers, we expect them to bring their school shoes with them to change into.  We also ask that parents/carers make sure their child has a warm waterproof coat.


Hot and Sunny Weather

Parts of our playground and school site are quite exposed to the sun, therefore we ask that on particularly warm and sunny days (when there is a danger children could get burnt) that sun cream is applied before coming into school.  We also advise that they have a hat and a water bottle.  We don’t allow children to wear flip flops in school, in particular this is to minimise potential accidents when playing outside.


Wear and Tear

Whilst children are engaging in learning sometimes accidents will happen.  In school we take reasonable precautions to protect children’s clothes but there will be times when children might get messy or occasionally damage or lose clothing.  We ask that when parents/carers are buying clothes, especially bigger items like coats, that they bear this in mind in mind and don’t send children into school in expensive items.  We do keep a stock of pre-loved items in school and where parents aren’t in a position to replace clothing we are happy to provide these to families.

Pre-loved Uniform

In school we keep a stock of pre-loved clothing which we are able to provide to families to support them in helping their child come into school in uniform every day.  If you would like to access this, please ask to speak to Mrs Potts or Mrs Shortt who will be able to help you.  If parents are able to donate any items of school uniform that their own children have grown out of but are still in good condition then that would be greatly appreciated, donations can be made to the school office.