The Past, Present and Future Room

Parents and Carers

It is important that children understand important historical events of the past as well as this understanding the geographical world around them and how this can impact the future. 

This room gives your children access to key histroical activities that link to the learning within school. There are also links to understand where countires, capitals and places are across the world as well as map skills and understanding the world around them such as rivers.

Below are all the links that give access to these historical and geographic activites


Below is a world of exciting discoveries to be made. There are links to explore the mystery of history and discover the amazing things that have happened before us. 

You will also find links to improve your map skills, improve your understanding of where countries and important places are an mst importantly you can discover all abut the world around you.

Click on all the links below to discover that amazing world we live in and the fantastic things that have happened before us

Exploring History

Click here to explore history through a wide range of exciting,engaging and creative activities.

VE Day - Friday 8th May

Click here to find a range of fun and exciting activities to explore 

Geography Association

Here you will have access to all of the geography resources ranging from maps, locations and map skills. Explore all of the fun and exciting activities on this website

History Association


Here you will find a full range of history including everything that you have been doing in school as well as work on your projects and full access to a wide range of key events in history 


Geography Podcasts and Videos

Here you will find a number of ways to discover the world around you 

Homeschool History

Here there is a weekly podcast that looks at different key parts in history 

Geography for Kids

Here you will find activities, games, videos and infromation all about different places across the world from the UK to the Amazon Rainforest. You will also find lots of maps and ideas to explore and discover locations all around the world

Historical Discovery


Here you will find activities, ideas and lots on information about all of the most important events in history