Our Governors

Whilst being part of the Societas Trust, each academy within the Trust has a Local Governing Board (LGB), which oversees the work and outcomes of individual
academies within the Trust.  The Governors are a body of people who represent the community which the school serves.  They are legally responsible for the management of the school and meet as a whole Governing Body at least once per term.  

Our Governing Body is made up of a mix of local people including staff, parents, members of the local community and others appointed by the Trust for their skills and experience. They act as a critical support to the Head Teacher and the academy. A member of the Trust Board also sits on each LGB in an advisory capacity.

The Governors are responsible for ensuring high standards of education and financial effectiveness; they review the overall impact of our academy within the community it serves and are responsible for ensuring the Trust’s ethos and vision are upheld.  

Should you wish to contact one of the Governors, please do so through the School Office.

Summerbank Governing Body Members

Chair:  Wayne Eardley

Vice Chair:  Sarah Oldcorn

Head of Academy:  Clare Pearson

Trust Representative: Jon Lovatt

Kayla Shortt

Shamila Wijesundara

Shabana Mahmud

Jennifer johnson

Clerk:  Mrs Sally Henderson

Committee Membership

To support our ongoing work at Summerbank, our Governors sit on two committees which meet to oversee ongoing developments and decision making within the school. 

The membership of these committees is detailed below:

Education Committee

Chair:  Sarah Oldcorn

Members:  Mr Jon Lovatt, Mrs Shabana Mahmud; Miss Clare Pearson, Mrs Jennifer Johnson, Mrs Kayla Shortt


Resources Committee

Chair: Mr Wayne Eardley

Members:  Mr Jon Lovatt; Miss Clare Pearson; Mrs Shamila Wilesundara, Mrs Shabana Mahmud

Governors’ attendance at meetings can be viewed for  2021.2022.

Full details of Governor appointments can be found in the table below:

Governor Date of Appointment Body Appointed by Term of Office End Date Register of Business & Pecuniary Interests Governance Roles in other Schools
Mr Wayne Eardley 21st March 2019 Trust 20th March 2023 Owner of ‘VPS Solutions’
Miss Sarah Oldcorn 25th Sept 2017 Trust 24th Sept 2025 No No
Miss Clare Pearson 25th Nov 2019 Head of Academy No No
Mrs Kayla Shortt 24th June 2020 Staff 23rd June 2024 No
Mrs Shabana Mahmud 25th Sept 2017 Trust 24th Sept 2025 Child attends Summerbank Academy; husband No
Mrs Shamila Wijesundara 25th Sept 2017 Trust 24th Sept 2025 No
Mrs Jennifer Johnson 7th Dec 2021 Trust 6th Dec 2025 No