Sport Premium

Schools and Academies receive additional funding to target sports development allocated on a yearly basis.  The grant is a joint initiative provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport.

The 2022/23 allocation was £19500.  We supplemented this with additional funding from the school budget to support meeting our intended outcomes.

it is essential that actions supported by PE and Sports funding are sustainable.  Therefore we focus spending around staff development, purchasing equipment that will be maintained over time and introducing pupils to new sporting opportunities.  In 2022/23 we targeted the improvement of our PE provision by:

  • continuing to use specialist coaches to both teach children and support staff skills development;
  • broadening our PE curriculum by introducing a variety of exciting new sports (including canoeing, orienteering);
  • providing resources in order to enhance current provision, particularly on the playground
  • adding a bike/scooter storage area to support families in travelling to school by bike/foot/scoot rather than using cars/taxis

​PE and Sport Premium Funding and its impact are reviewed at the end of the school academic year and published within the PE and Sport Premium Funding Report the following autumn.   

2022/2023 Sports Premium Funding Report

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