Many of you know that Ms Toft has a real passion for the outdoors and has taken over our Forest Schools provision at Summerbank.  What you might be wondering about is what all the ‘sticks’ are that have appeared around the school field and car park.  Well to improve our school site and ‘grow’ our green spaces, Ms Toft organised for us to receive a Community Tree Pack from The Woodland Trust.  A huge thank you to the parents who gave their time yesterday to help with the planting, they did a fantastic job.  To have the trees planted by our school community makes them even more special.  I hope you enjoy seeing the new Summerbank trees grow, as your children grow here too.

If you are interested in supporting us in continue to develop our outside space and enjoy gardening we are looking for parent/family volunteers to help us with our allotment and other green spaces around school.  Please either speak to Ms Toft or let the school office know.

A huge thank you to:

  • Bnar and Kanar’s dad Khamis
  • Mahdiya and Zainab’s dad Arif
  • Ismail, Mikhail and Humaira’s mum Farah
  • Alice and Aaron’s parents Robert and Kavina
  • Lena’s mum Natalia
  • Mariam and Hadi’s mum Lubna
  • Musa, Zain and Suliman’s mum Samina
  • Alweena and Hanzala’s mum Sobia

Also a big thank you to Keith for being a great support to everyone 🙂